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My madness has gone away now…
I pray in the morning and at night every day and night. Before I started your class, I prayed one or two times a week. I find myself reading the word of God more in the morning and at night. I still have a problem with judging other people. And God Spirit is helping me daily. I see more peace in my life and my madness has gone away now. RM

The (smoking) habit just left me…
Being here in jail when I first came in I used to smoke cigarettes. I smoked because I needed attention, or had the feeling of anxiety. When I got to go to church or Bible studies, I felt that feeling that the Lord was telling me in my heart that I was doing something wrong. I was still smoking before and after Bible studies. I knew in my heart that every time I smoked a cig I felt a little uncomfortable because I felt close to God in Spirit. So one day I thought about it. I knew the Spirit was in me and the smoking had to go. I had no trouble after that. It didn't take me long and I prayed about it, and the habit just left me. I don't have any craving of any sort to this day. I feel better being without a cigarette. NC


I understand there is no getting from God…
I understand that if my behaviors are to do good that I will receive harmony and positive reinforcement. Negative behaviors will only bring problems, both physical and mental along with confusion. I know that the love I express towards others is the Holy Ghost. I've learned to release all the baggage from my past and not to dwell on it for I live in the present moment. The more obedient I am the closer I get to God. The more spiritual I become, the less I think about material things of the world. I'm trying to recognize symbolism in the Bible scriptures. I feel that my reformation is off and running. I understand there is no getting from God's kingdom. There is only giving. Happiness is my expression of giving throughout my life. Through prayer, I am reforming my sins and healing my difficulties. I know that life is eternal and there are no limits.

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